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What Art means to me

Margarita De Margarita has exhibited widely since they first appeared in the art world in 2013. While most of their shows and exhibitions have taken place locally, they are also developing a formidable reputation nationally and globally.


Contemporary Connections

With every Brush Stroke whether on paper or canvas - My VOICE is active and melodic and insightful and beautiful - I am MY voice in all types of mediums!!!

                                   ~Margarita de' Margarita

Solo Exhibition

I AM like the North-East wind and the Caribbean breeze -

I AM My Spirit, My Mind, My Soul - The River flows through me pouring out into words -

Follow Me and let's ride the Enchanted Wave of emotions and breathe.

                                   ~Margarita de' Margarita

Light and Darkness

When I hurt, I brush stroke - I create with passion - I create my vision of beauty without permission or opinions. I am guided with color towards healing - towards growth - towards My True Beautiful Being


                                   ~Margarita de' Margarita

By: Eric Chapman

"Essence of Life"

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