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About Me


I am Margarita dé Margarita, which means;
“I belong to me!”

My favorite age is now. My Soul is my sacred essence of Truths and of Truth seeking. I am an Unapologetically Courageous Woman – a true Goddess in Awe of herself.

* I AM a Magically Orgasmic Spirit of excitement
* A lover of passions and truths
* A resilient Goddess
* A Sacred Healer
* Strong and Blunt
* Fierce and Fragile
* The Gladiator Guru
* I am my own Super~F*cking~Hero!
* I AM,…Margarita

My life’s mission,

passion and purpose is to be of service to women
from all walks of life who want to live their truths, authentically.

Empowered by their love of self and life.
I am like the wind shifting in many directions, it served as a means for me to choose life on the other side of my tragedy –


The most impactful choice was to believe, to live in my humanness –


I share it in my writing, in my art, I speak it from my platforms.

My purpose is to connect with others as they initiate their journey of inner searching of the MIND, HEART, SPIRIT & SOUL, searching for freedom and of peace.

I do this as a spiritual & creative healing Coach
using my life experiences, along with my coaching training, I am able to help you recognize and acknowledge past obstacles and barriers
that are holding you back from enjoying your “you” in this lifetime.

I am equipped with the tools, experience and wisdom to guide you as
you announce a wake –up call to your Spirit and awaken the goddess
in awe of herself.
Here is my invitation to you,
Join me on the journey of your best life.

~Margarita de Margarita~

I am a storyteller of moments, of love and war, of life and death, and
the re-birth of the souls we were meant to be, before the chaos
flooded over our thoughts.
I speak of learning how to jump off the wave of chaos, and swim
against the fear, the self-doubt, the limiting beliefs of who the hell we
truly are meant to be.
I chose to untangle myself from myself and show up for Me. Once
the decision was made, I ran towards myself, I must admit, it was the
most Magical place I have ever visited. I was recently asked,
Who are you?

Who are you Really Margarita?
After a moments thought, I truthfully answered;
I AM –
I am the spirit of my ancestral warriors, a lover of Words and of
intimate conversations –

I am Mother Moon’s favorite child –

I am the creator of my moral compass –
I am responsible for my today and my tomorrow.
I am a goddess in awe of her perfect imperfections.
A hopeless romantic, who loves, LOVE.
A proud mix of Italian & Puerto Rican blood.
A Free-Spirited -spit Fire who triumphed over the molestation and
rape tragedy, by living the belief of;
“I am not what happened to me ~ I am what I choose to become!”

Margarita de Margarita



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