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Margarita's Badass Story


Margarita de Margarita

"The Gladiator Guru" is a Sacred Healer, an End of Life Doula, a Spiritual & Creative Healing Coach, an Author, Speaker and Artist, who appreciates discoveries of self & disruptions of stagnation. She assists woman in their truth and acknowledging the Goddess within. As an unapologetically courageous woman, Margarita paves the way for Spiritual freedom from past tragedies. Teaching woman about the cultivation of self love.



My purpose is to connect with others as they initiate their journey of inner searching o the MIND, HEART, SPIRIT & SOIUL, searching for freedom and peace.

I am equipped with the tools, experience and wisdom to guide you as you announce the wake-up call to your Spirit and awaken the Goddess in awe of herself.

Here is my invitation to you... Join me on the journey of your best life.

As a token of gratitude for purchasing my book I am gifting you The Sacred Healing Assessment - A guide for your individual journey of self.

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