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The Full Story

Meet the Artist

I first held a paint brush in my hand at the

tender-age of 45. The year was 2013.

In 2010, I married a man who was able to peacefully calm my rage, a gentle and

caring man who “got me” with all

my crazies yet, decided to love me anyway.

I became spiritually connected to painting with vibrant colors as a way to transfer

my grief and sorrow, all of my anger in

that times reality, a release of energies

if you will –


As I cared for my beautiful husband as

he slowly died while battling ALS. Writing,

and Painting, were/are my anchors, in

fleeting moments of confusion, the gatekeepers to my sanity. My blessings.

I am a self-taught artist – I create soothing words and healing paintings.

I heal with pen to paper –

I heal one brush stroke at a time. 


I heal with pen to paper –

I heal one brush stroke at a time. 

I am a story-teller.

I speak of feelings of the soul that many

may only dare to think of.

I speak of confusions, of Menopause and Death. I speak of lost love and discoveries

of Self-Love.

I tell stories of the Universe to the Universe.


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