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Meet the CEO

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Creator & Owner of:

Cricket’s Whisper
~Me Time~
A reminder to seek the Silence Within ~

to listen for the Whisper of Hope.

To quiet the noise around your being and

find the Peace.

Cricket’s Whisper
~Coffee Time~
A place where every sip of my café will

invoke happy childhood memories.

Creator of

“A Magically Orgasmic Platform” -
the Goddesssavy.Blog –

Writer/Author –

Abstract Artist
Wedding Officiant/Notary
End of Life Doula

Host of :

A live platform on FB and YouTube specializing in Real & Raw talk on
Life, Love, Laughter, Health, Wealth, Sex , choices & the Reality of
the life we are choosing to live.

Co-Host of:


A women’s Empowerment movement,

a platform to inspire, educate, and encourage women to pursue their dreams and live

their purpose.


Viva Moms After Dark


My Happenings:

  •  Nominated poet of the year –

Washington DC - 2000

  • Featured in Latina magazine

as society’s poet – 2000

  • Considered for the presidential inauguration - 

as a grass-root Latina Poet - 2001

  • First book publication – 2006

  • Second book publication – 2018

  • Third book publication – 2020

  • Fourth publication happening soon - 2021


Do something that scares

the sh*t out of you,…Everyday!


Meet the Author

Unapologetically Courageous


I began writing at 13 years of age,

during the time of the molestation.
As a pained child, I would lose myself

within the safety of the words that would form, creating a safe-haven for my mind

and spirit away from the reality.

Writing began as a form of escape, and became the saving grace of my soul.

Years later, I learned to look after

my Body, mind and soul,

I learned to feed my spirit and starve

the demons that would hover above.

I surrendered all my fears, pain, shame

and anger to God, and became gifted

with the connection to Spiritually heal myself as well as to assist others in the journey towards light, love and understanding.

* Soul Searching for peace
~ A book of tears shed in print ~ 2006

* Doing it my way –

Pushing back against ALS –
The Eric Chapman Story – 2018

* Be Magically orgasmic –
Goddesssavy.Blog ~ 2018

* Soul searching for Peace
~ A book of tears shed in print

~ 2 nd edition 2020

* Hug Me - 2021/22

* The Kick A$$ B*tch of Menopause ~ Coming Soon

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